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Problème résolu
14/09/2020 22:42:16
17/09/2020 14:04:15
211 Hesper Dr , Carencro , 70520-5156 , Louisiana , USA
Warning notes
This blockage has been here since before Laura, in fact the day after Laura in the pouring rain, i went and unclogged this culvert with a pitchfork. I placed the debris on both sides of the ditch so the house uphill of 211 hesper could gain relief of the water backup. I called LCG drainage and told them what i had to do , and who i was. A week goes by and the debris was put back in the ditch in front of the culvert. I called LCG drainage again.. ( no action) then, after the last rain, my wife calls LCG drainage and explains the difficulty with drainage and ..no response.