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30/07/2020 20:24:33
05/08/2020 22:03:21
102 Chartwell Ln , Lafayette , 70503-3700 , Louisiana , USA
Warning notes
Clogged grate over drain. We have reported this clogged grate for the past over 3 yrs and the city refuses to make the homeowner take the grate off. In fact the city welded the grate onto the storm drain. Why? Why is Ms. Martin allowed to keep the grate over a drain that services Chartwell Lane and parts of Mayard ? It clogs frequently. She is also mowing half of her 3 properties on this street, leaving 15 inch grass surrounding her trashcans strewn in the yard by the driveway. Why is Ms. Martin afforded opportunities to circumvent the city policies the rest of us follow? Jessica Corney and I have spoken about this several times. Let's get the letter written and the service order processed. Please Have Jessica call me.