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Animal Cruelty Report
18/09/2023 17:37:43
13/12/2023 14:44:08
124 Madi Cir , Lafayette , 70506-9350 , Louisiana , USA
Hi the address I put is mine but the place where the abuse is happening is my neighbors. I wanted to say they constantly leave the dog out even when it was 103 degrees out. The dog’s ribs are showing and every time I bring food out for the dog he eats 3 bowls of dog food and is still very hungry. Not mention they have a history of their dogs dying under their neglect, in fact their last puppy might I add died because they didn’t bring their trash can in when we having a windy storm and the pup ate the trash, choked, then died. Lastly the dog will constantly run away from the home and when brought back will break his chain and run away again. I put a picture of what the dog looks like. I was hoping when you guys arrived that if not me someone at the house will tell you which neighbor’s house it is