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Noise Complaint
2/10/2024 4:48:54 PM
2/10/2024 4:49:37 PM
412 Hidden Acres Dr , Lafayette , 70503-6135 , Louisiana , USA
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Ongoing noise issue with neighbor's dogs. They leave them out in a fenced, concrete patio where they bark continuously...sometimes for hours. All attempts to communicate in a neighborly fashion, ie: knocking on the door, was met with them calling law enforcement on an elderly military widow with cancer. They have since erected "no trespassing" signs prohibiting anyone from communicating directly with them. Since yesterday, the dogs have been left on the patio with the owner ignoring the blatant and distributive barking. My mother cannot even sit outside to enjoy her yard due to this ongoing, disturbing situation. Law enforcement encouraged her to call 911 as well to assist.