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10/14/2021 12:55:15 AM
10/20/2021 8:02:16 PM
100 Riverwoods Dr , Lafayette , 70508-1801 , Louisiana , USA
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The rocks you all shoveled in a few days ago are gone. This needs to be fixed properly as this is a dangerous hazard when pulling out. Instead of rocks, this area as well as the MANY potholes on Riverwoods Dr needs to be fixed properly instead of just filling with rocks that only last a week or two. It is ruining my vehicle!!!! Please send someone out to put real pavement over these bad areas instead of shoveling rocks or that other truck you send out that spits the rocks out. They don’t work! Imagine driving on this road everyday. People from Picard and the new subdivision on Picard drive on this road as well.